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We have implemented a Trios Scanner in our office! This scanner will help patients in many cases to avoid the necessity of impressions for their treatment.

The scanner was developed in Denmark and we feel it is the best one on the market. We are also able to email these scans directly to the Dental Laboratories and they are able to print the information using a 3-D printer! We can also use the Trios Scanner for Invisalign cases!


Fast and comfortable

TRIOS makes scanning fast and easy ensuring optimal comfort for patients and reduced chair time. Patients strongly prefer intra-oral 3D scans to conventional dental impressions.

Documented high accuracy

This will ensure optimal treatment results and fit. 3Shape TRIOS delivers high accuracy on a single tooth, multiple teeth in one quadrant as well as the full mouth, as documented by several comparative university studies.

RealColor™ scans

They create high quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to evaluate treatment. The natural colors enable us to better evaluate treatment. Doctors, staff and patients love it!

Built-in digital tools

Shade measurement for digital reliability, HD photos to enhance details, and an intraoral camera. TRIOS® shade measurement was found to be more reliable than the human eye in a recent joint university study.

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