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We’re sharing the love with BOGO Whitening Treatments!  

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Buy one full-price whitening treatment and get a second free! We offer Phillips Zoom Whitening Gel!

Whitening Kit Includes:
Set of Custom Whitening Trays and Case
2 packs of Zoom Whitening Gel (6 total syringes)
1 Colgate Prevident Sensitive Toothpaste
1 SuperSmile Whitening Toothpaste
For each whitening kit pack of 3 syringes, the average usage is 9 days of application. Whitening is highly recommended for a period of at least two weeks.
1.Whitening gel is most effective on clean teeth, so thoroughly brush and floss just before whitening.
2.Apply a small drop of gel on the inside of whitening tray at the indentation of each tooth. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not overload the whitening tray with gel as it may cause gum irritation and discoloration. Excess gel can be wiped away with a wet tissue. If available, Vitamin E oil may be applied to area of exposure to prevent irritation.
3.Place trays on upper and lower teeth and let sit. For the 22% strength gel, let sit for 60-minutes 1 – 2* times per day (depending on sensitivity). For the 16% strength gel, let sit overnight. Should increased sensitivity pursue with single daily treatments, reduce whitening to every other day as needed. (*Do not exceed two applications per day.)
4.Upon removal of trays, brush teeth and trays with cool tap water. Do not use warm or hot water on whitening trays as it will warp and distort the tray shape.
5.Place trays in case to dry and store. Whitening gel may be stored with trays – it does not need to be refrigerated between uses.
Tips for Best Results:
For optimal results during whitening, brush with SuperSmile toothpaste on a dry toothbrush and floss as per usual hygiene regimen. To reduce sensitivity during whitening, brush with Prevident toothpaste once per day; make sure to spit out excess and do not rinse, eat or drink for 30-minutes following use.
Avoid foods that would stain white clothing, such as:
✔ Ketchup
✔ Red Sauces
✔ Blueberries
✔ Beets
✔ Red Wine
✔ Coffee
✔ Tea
✔ Fruit Punch
This “white diet” should be followed for the duration of any whitening treatment and for 1-week following the completion of whitening.
If any of the above (or similarly staining) foods are consumed, please be sure to use the SuperSmile whitening toothpaste as soon as possible following consumption.
Of course, in the event that you have ANY questions, feel free to call our office for help!

BOGO Whitening Kit!

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